Airheads is a refreshingly simple, totally unique, science-based system for helping you to rapidly unlock the benefits of breathwork through your own personal experience.

Mike and Tom have spent years independently interviewing and training with the best minds in breathwork. They have collaborated to distil this knowledge into everything you could possibly need to know about breathing… and refined it into “Airheads” – an easy-to-understand system for unleashing your breathing potential.

You’re not just learning from Mike and Tom; you’re learning from everyone they have learned from!


• Start enjoying immediate benefits

• Understand the key concepts quickly and easily

• Streamline a deeper understanding

• Discover through your own experience

• Learn from the best minds in breathing

• Avoid the confusion of contradictory breathing modalities



Do you want to breathe better, feel calmer, and generate spontaneous moments of insight and self-transcendence?

You already have the tools for these skills… you might not know it yet, but you’re already an Airhead!




Mike Maher is the founder of the world’s two leading breathwork resources –

The world’s most popular Breathwork Podcast – The Breathcast

Offering a hub for the greatest minds in breathing to share their research, thoughts and insights directly with the public. Mike has picked the biggest and most insightful brains in breathing from all over the world. 

YouTube’s Number One Breathwork channel – Take A Deep Breath

Mike shares his inventive approach to breathwork with more than 150,000 subscribers – making breathwork techniques easy and accessible with guided practices, music, animations, quick explainers, and deep-dive interviews.

Mike has trained with each of the world’s leading breathwork innovators; from Wim Hof and James Nestor, to Patrick McKeown and Chuck McGee. Each of them has taught him a different approach to breathing that he loves to share with his own students.

Mike is trained in many disciplines as a breath coach, one of which he is most proud of is being an Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor under Patrick McKeown.

Mike’s philosophy is simple – start with the basics. Acquire the fundamentals of functional breathing first… and mastering the more powerful breathwork techniques becomes natural and intuitive.




Tom Granger is a multi-award-winning well-being author and breathwork innovator –

His uniquely interactive, bestselling book Draw Breath; The Art of Breathing has been translated into 9 languages and applauded by the leading researchers and teachers in the fields of breathwork, meditation, and yoga.

Like Mike, Tom has spent years travelling the world, tracking down leading breath visionaries and interviewing them for his YouTube channel. Tom also works with top, global breathwork schools, helping them to create simple, engaging systems that communicate their methods and empower their students.

Continuing the theme of enjoyable, interactive breathwork training, Tom is the creator of the ground-breaking breathe-along practice; “Aria Breath – The Musical Meditation”.Tom has a particular fascination with the science and techniques behind Coherent (Resonance Frequency) Breathing. Tom’s philosophy is simple – bringing awareness into your breath, brings peace into your life.